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Blood & Rain (The Dark Rose Series #1) - Faye Cross I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was a very good story about Rahne, a young woman more concerned with her studies than with socializing, and Lucian, a centuries old nightclub owner. Rahne’s best friend, Sammi, drags her out for drinks at a new nightclub. While Rahne is getting drinks at the bar, she meets Lucian and feels an instantaneous pull towards him. Rahne tries to fight her attraction to Lucian so she can concentrate on her studies. Lucian tries to tell himself he would be attracted to any female because he believes the tales about soul mates are just stories.

I enjoyed this storyline. I really hated Sammi and how she kept pressuring Rahne to go out and have fun. She wouldn’t let Rahne be herself. I enjoyed reading about how Rahne and Lucian fell in love and about their trials and tribulations. I was however turned off by some of the editing/proofreading mistakes. I found it sometimes hard to follow the story because the wrong words were used. This is a great story and would be so much better if these mistakes were fixed. It was unique and refreshing, and I really enjoyed it.