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Saving Grace (A Fae of Lee Novel) - C.L. Champlain I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Saving Grace was a sweet, paranormal romance. Meet Dy, short for Dorothy, a 16 year old who finds out she is half fairy princess and half druid. Her boyfriend, Ari, is a warrior Fae. Dy has always had unusual abilities, she can see auras. Dy and Ari are soul mates, and because of this Dy's great-grandmother assigns another warrior Fae to help protect her, Declan. Declan, with his Irish brogue, and Ari, along with a wide array of characters, help Dy to learn her new powers and help to keep her safe from the druids that want to harm her. I loved the powers the Fae had in this book, magic wands and the ability to make their clothes with their thoughts. It is a refreshing take on the Fae. I also enjoyed the fun references to The Wizard of Oz, that's where Dorothy and her sister Emma Rose got their names from. Overall, this was a fun, easy read with a happy ending. I can't wait to read about their adventures in the next book.